Thank You Helpful Strangers

I just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions today. I feel like I didn’t get the chance to thank you properly because, as you know, I had my hands full with a rather grumpy toddler. I really do hope you see this…… Thank you helpful strangers To the fellow mummy on the school […]

Music for labour

Music for labour is a great distraction! With my first 2 labours, I found music a welcome distraction to the pain though not as welcome as the drugs! First time around my dear son arrived in the world to the sound track of Alexandra Burkes “Bad boys” and my 2nd little boy arrived to the […]


Eeeeeeeeeeek! We are so excited for the launch of the #perfectpresentproject (like really, really excited!) “So, what’s it all about?” we hear you say. We folk at 1offjewellery feel very passionate about all things handmade and are on a mission to enlighten as many of you lovely lot as possible to the awesomeness that small […]