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What is a Payment Plan and how does it work?
EXCITING NEWS - EVERYONE can own that very special something!
Seen something you LOVE but pennies are not stretching that far? Did you know that we have flexible (risk free) payment plans? PAY WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT.

The plan is done online and managed by YOU! Just log on to our (very clever) system and pay as much or as little as you want, whenever you have a few extra pennies.
NO fixed dates or amounts
NO charges
NO credit account
NO risk
Just us, understanding that saving when you have children isn't easy (little people are expensive aren't they?) so, as we believe everyone should be able to capture those special moments, we are making it easy and affordable for everyone (because £3 here and £5 there, is much more doable when it's on YOUR terms and fits in with YOUR life and circumstances).

Each payment generates an evoucher (which will be which can be redeemed at any point). When you add money to your plan you will receive a new voucher for the new amount (we cannot refund money but you are effectively buying gift vouchers which can be used at any point and redeemed whenever you wish even if you choose not to continue paying off the plan). Your Item will be made when your plan paid off.

Guarantee your "subtle" hints are heard by setting up and sending you significant other the link! (Not sure about you but my "subtle" hints don't work all that well! Sometimes they need a "giant shove" in the right direction). So, whether it's a Fathers Day Pressie, a charm for a special Nanny, a birthday gift for an awesome friend, super organised start to the Christmas list or, better still, a treat for you (that you will cherish forever) email us to start your plan kim@1offjewellery.co.uk (or with any questions) because we all know how quickly our babies grow up.

Your impression kit will be sent when 10% of your plan has been paid. No minimum order.

As always your child's (or pet's) OWN prints (and drawings) ALL done via post so location not an issue. No upper age limit.

How long does it take to have a piece of jewellery made?
We try to get every piece made and delivered within 15 working days after we receive the impressions. However at busy times of the year such as Fathers Day and Christmas it can take up to 4 weeks so get in nice and early so as not to be disappointed. We do now offer a premium, super quick, service in which your  items would be despatched within 1 week of our receiving  the impressions. This, however, depends on capacity so please let us know if you need by a certain date and we will let you know if it's possible.
Do I have to meet with you to have the fingerprints taken?

No. We will send you a simple impression kit so that you can take the impression at home, in your own time and when your child is in the right frame of mind (or even asleep if it is very young). The kits are very easy as well as the bonus of being mess free. You will get more than one attempt and with hand/foot impressions we can tidy up smudges etc. We are always just a phone call away if you have any questions as all and are happy to chat it through with you. You will then return the impessions to us together with your signed order in the prepaid envelope that we will provide.
My children are teenagers. Are they too big for me to have their fingerprints made into jewellery?

Noooooo never too old! The oldest “child” whose print we’ve taken was 87 years old. In other words, there is no upper limit. The fingerprints shrink by approximately 10% during the process. However, if you  want a dainty charm it is quite likely that the print, especially that of an older child, will go over the edge but this can look very effective. For an older child or an adult we would suggest that you take a print of the pinkie and would recommend a large charm.
My baby is due next month. How old will she have to be before I can take her fingerprints?
This is a “how long is a piece of string” question. Generally a baby will develop a good clear fingerprint from 8 months onwards however it is possible to take really good prints from a new born. For a young baby we would suggest that you use the baby’s thumb or big toe. If you cannot get a clear print, the impression compound is re-usable so you could try every month or so until you get a good result.  A very popular approach for a new born, is to make jewellery with their hand and/or footprints instead of fingerprints.
How clear will the print be in the finished article?
Everyone's fingerprint impression is as unique as the person it belongs to and some people’s prints are more clearly defined than others, this is what makes them so very unique and special.  The rate at which fingerprints develop varies from child to child. We have had excellent results and really clear prints from newborn babies but have received prints from quite old children with far less definition. When the kit arrives, please take time to read the simple instructions fully as this will ensure the best possible results. Bear in mind that the definition and clarity of the finished jewellery is only as well defined as your child’s fingerprints. If the impression that you submit does not have visible whirls or lines, then the finished jewellery will not have a strongly detailed fingerprint either.
Can you make me a shape that is not in your standard range?
Yes, as all our jewellery is handmade especially for you we can make many things that we don't necessarily show on the website. We will make every effort to create something that is exactly what you want. A quick phone call to Carol (on the number at the top of this page)  will answer this question more fully. If you have something in mind let us know, we love a challenge.
Can I have a double-sided charm or pendant with a fingerprint on both the front and the back?
Yes. This can be done for all sizes of charm/pendant, even the dainty pendants. However, to do this we will need to make the charms thicker than normal to accommodate the second print.
Can I have a name or date put on the back of a charm?

Yes, you can have a name on the front and a date of birth on the back as standard. On the larger charms you can also ask for a short message such as “for Mummy, XX” on the back. The only restrictions are the length of the name, the size of the charm and the fact that we cannot write across the back of the print itself because the silver is too thin at that point.  For instance, it is very difficult to put more than 5 characters on the front of a dainty charm with a print but I can easily put 9 characters or more on a standard or larger sized charm. All text is hand inscribed and we will do the best that we can to accommodate your wishes.
 How do I clean my silver jewellery?
Just like any silver jewellery, you can use a silver polishing cloth, silver polish or just dip it into silver dip. All silver will tarnish over time. This process is natural but some substances in our daily lives will speed up the process -  contact with soap, perfume and hairspray  for example and even the natural oils on your hands can tarnish silver. Always remove jewellery before showering or swimming as silver can react with chemicals and chlorine.  We now offer a cleaning kit to help you keep your silver bright and shiny.

How do I look after my jewellery?
Fine silver is a precious metal and  is a much softer  than sterling silver . You need to bear this in mind when wearing your jewellery, especially on bracelets. Constant knocking against other charms or even your  computer will cause the print to fade and the charm to mark and scar or even distort. Removing your jewellery at night, when playing sport, showering or bathing, gardening or undertaking any heavy duty manual work will all help to keep your jewellery looking good for many years. 
What is my jewellery made of?

The silver range: Your silver charms, pendants and cufflink fronts  made of fine silver which is almost pure (more pure than sterling) and therefore much softer.  All areas that may be exposed to greater wear and tear i.e. cuff link backs, chains etc. are made of sterling silver.
The engraved range: Engraved cufflinks are rhodium plated base metal and all other engraved items are stainless steel.

My loved one is no longer with us can you make a keepsake?
Sadly this is something that we work with on a regular basis. We are experienced in this field and all orders are dealt with the upmost compassion and sensitivity . We are supporters of local child bereavement charities and often have feedback of the small comfort the jewellery has brought families in these  heart-breaking  times. For angel babies we would only need a photocopy or scanned email copy of the prints, and would never need the precious originals. We can send kits the same day to yourself or funeral directors on request,. An order, in these cases, does not need to be made immediately and you can contact us again when you are ready and able. We can also take samples of handwriting from cards or letters and scan pictures.

Help! I have lost my charm.
Worry not! We keep all prints on file for at least a year (unless we are asked not to) so you can reorder without having to redo the print. Even if your order was more than 12 months ago it is quite likely that we will still have your impressions on file.

I want to reorder do I have to take the print again?
Nope! All on file and can reuse print as many times as you wish although we may ask for impressions to be redone if we feel they can be improved upon.
Is my jewellery hallmarked?
It is not a legal requirement to hallmark silver items that weigh less that 7.78gm so, as a general rule, our items are not hall marked. We will be happy to send your items to the London assay office for hallmarking if you require. However, this will incur an additional cost to yourselves of anywhere between £15 and £50 per charm and will take a further 2 weeks to process.
What postal service do you use?
We use Royal Mail, first class, signed for postage. 
What method of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer this is also an option just contact us for details
What is the difference between the engraved range and the silver jewellery?
Our main range remains the handmade, fine silver jewellery but we have now introduced a more affordable machine engraved range. The main difference is that the engraved range is not made from silver but from highest quality stainless steel  (or, in the case of cufflinks, rhodium plated, base metal) and the images are created by machine rather than totally handmade. However, the machines are run by the same team who makes the silver jewellery ensuring that our high standards are maintained. One advantage of the machine engraving is that fine details of hand and foot prints can be reproduced much more clearly than is possible with the handmade, fine silver. Also, it is possible to engrave a photo of your loved one, your pet, your boat or favourite car onto the steel.  So, if you want something for everyday use then this is the product range for you. If you want something special and precious then the handmade silver is what you need.

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