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Once you place your order we will send you an impression kit with full instructions and all the materials you need to create beautiful impressions for your jewellery. For details of the contents of these kits see 'Impression Kits'.

When you return your impression to us our jewellers will transfer the impression onto your fine silver jewellery or stainless steel items depending on your order and despatch the items within 10 working days.

In detail the process is as follows:

Solid Siver jewellery: 
  • We will create either a cast or a stamp from your impression depending on whether we’re working with fingerprints, or other types of impression (e.g. hand prints, paw prints or mini art works).
  • This will then be used to create the impression in PMC3 (see Notes on PMC below for details) to make your fine silver jewellery.
  • Once we are happy with the quality of the impression, we will cut the shape to your chosen design, add the text and then sand and burnish it to a fine smoothness.
  • The item will then be kiln fired and hand polished to a high shine or a matt finish as per your requirements.
  • It will then be treated to bring out the print and text, polished one final time and inspected to ensure that it meets our high standards before being sent to you.
If you require it, the jewellery can be sent to the assay office to be tested for purity and stamped with our unique hallmark. This will add a week to the turn around time and incur an additional charge.

Notes on PMC: Our skilled jewellers use PMC3 to fashion your precious jewellery. PMC3 is the third generation of a compound that consists of silver particles combined with organic material and water to form a malleable clay. Once the clay is shaped, it is dried and then kiln fired to burn off all the organic material resulting in an article of fine silver. Fine silver (99.9% silver) is more pure than sterling (92.5% silver) and therefore does not tarnish as fast and is a bit softer than sterling. 

Engraved stainless steel jewellery:
  • We will photoshop your impressions, mini artworks or photographs to get the clearest possible image. For hand and footprints it is at this stage that we can combine impressions to get the best results.
  • Once we are happy with the quality of the image the finished results will then be engraved onto your selected item.

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