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This page has been created to describe the standard shapes that we make. Other shapes are available on request so if you cannot see the shape that you want, just ask and, if at all possible, we will make it for you.

After creating each piece it is hand polished and burnished by our experienced jewellers to create the high finish that you can see in the photographs.

Charm sizes explained:

As it is difficult to see the size differences in the photos we have tried to describe these so that you have a good understanding of what you are buying.

Our charms come in 4 different sizes – Dainty, Standard, Large, and Grande. The dainty charms are available only as part of a descending set as these are very small. A few special shapes are non-standard. These are described separately.

The size varies slightly depending on the shape which is why the descriptions below are given as approximations.

Dainty    -  These little gems are about the size of a 5p piece. They are approx. 1mm thick and weigh up to 1gm.

Standard -  Our standard charms are approx. as big as a 1p piece. They are about 1.5mm thick and weigh up to 2 gm, The "pebble" weighs up to 4 gm.

Large -  The large charms are about the size of a 10p piece. They are approx. 1.5mm thick and weigh up to 4gm. The "pebble" weighs up to 7gm.

Grande -  Extra large charms  between 10p and 50p piece in size  Approx. 1.5mm thick and weigh up to 7gm.

NB: The size of mini cut-out charms are similar to dainty charms and standard cut-outs are similar to  standard charms.

Special Shapes

 Butterfly - Approx. 20mm X 27mm and about 1.5mm thick

 Dogtag - Approx. 30mm X 20mm and about 2mm thick

Chain Lengths:

Our chains come in 16", 18" and 20" lengths with the ball chains being 24"
Below is an image to help you select your preferred length.

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