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Hand or Footprint Family Circle Necklace

From £130.00

Our innovative, solid silver, family circle necklace consisits of an eternal ring with a small tag and a mini cutout hand or footprint charm which is created from an impression of your child's hand or foot print.

You can add up to 3 additional charms and 3 additional tags.

The mini cutout charms are are smaller than our standard cutout charms and  measure up to 1cm in length. The small tags can take up to 8 characers on the front  (including spaces, dots and hyphens)  

The eternal ring can have up to 4 words (maximum 27 characters including spaces, dots and hyphens) inscribed on the front.

All of the text, names and dates can be specified on the order form that you will return with the impressions.

Birth stones  can be added to the charms. The stones will relate to the months of birth that you will enter on the return order.

You can choose to take hand print or foot print impressions when you receive the impression kit so you do not need to decide now which you would prefer.

Cleaning: Your jewellery can be cleaned using silver cleaning cloths and/or silver dip both of which are available at most leading supermarkets. Alternatively, you can add a cleaning kit to your order.

When you order Handprint or Footprint Items we will send you an impression kit that will include:

  • Detailed instructions on how to take impressions using inkless wipes
  • For each impression, one set of inkless wipes that you can use to take either hand or foot print impressions
  • An order form detailing your order requirements on which you can enter the name, age or date of birth, amend the instructions or add any further instructions to ensure that your jewellery is exactly as you want it
  • A stamped addressed return envelope.

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Belcher 3
Available Options:
Number of Hand/Foot Print Charms:

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