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Fingerprint ID Bracelet

From £105.00

Have your child's fingerprint set into a solid silver ID bracelet. The silver bar is attached to a black leather thong that is large enough to fit onto a man's wrist.

We recommend that this bracelet is not worn when heavy duties are being undertaken. The silver is very pure (99.9%) and is therefore quite soft so will be easily damaged if worn when doing rough work.

Cleaning: Your jewellery can be cleaned using silver cleaning cloths and/or silver dip both of which are available at most leading supermarkets. Alternatively, you can add a cleaning kit to your order.

When you order a Fingerprint ID Bracelet we will send you a finger print impression kit which will include:

  • Detailed instructions on how to take heat activated moulding compound fingerprint impressions
  • One set of moulding compound for each fingerprint impression. This compound can be used again and again until you get a good impression
  • An order form detailing your order requirements on which you can amend the text or add any further instructions to ensure that your jewellery is exactly as you want it
  • A stamped addressed return envelope.

Available Options:
Number of prints on Bracelet:

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